Monday, 13 June 2016

Leading Companies Providing Financial Services In India

Finance corporations in India are playing an important role in taking care of the financing needs of both businesses and individuals alike. These companies are giving a solid boost to our economy too. They deal with a variety of needs, including the best investment options, credit, savings and priority lending. Here is a list of companies providing the best financial services in India.

Top Financial Companies in India

1.      Housing Development Finance Corporation: This is one of the leading providers of home loans in India. Their services include loans taken for home improvement, construction, extension, rural finance, etc. They have a huge presence in India, apart from branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore and Qatar. Their customer base includes both residents and non-residents of India.
·         Market capitalization: Rs 193,994.85 cr
·         Share value at BSE: Rs 1227.5
·         Share value at NSE: Rs 1228.25 (as of May 26, 2016)
·         Net Profit: Rs 5990.14 cr (as of March 2015)

2.      Bajaj Finserve: This company focuses on maintaining the most diverse investment portfolio. Bajaj Finserv aims to help its customers to smartly invest money to improve their lifestyle, meet everyday expenses and be financially secure. They offer curated loans and financing options for salaried professionals and self-employed people.

·         Market Capitalization: Rs 28,484.53 cr
·         Share value at BSE: Rs 1790.0
·         Share value at NSE: Rs 1792.15 (as of May 26, 2016)
·         Net Profit: Rs 125.93 cr (as of March 2015)

3.      LIC Housing Finance: The aim of this financial company is to provide long term finance to people for their housing needs. They have a good network in India and also cater to NRIs in the Gulf countries. Financial solutions include loans against securities, along with project and property loans.

·         Market Capitalization: Rs 23,114 cr
·         Share value at BSE: Rs 457.95
·         Share value at NSE: Rs 457.40 (as of May 26, 2016)
·         Net Profit: Rs 1386.19 cr

4.      Larsen and Turbo Finance Holding: This organisation offers financial solutions for the infrastructure, corporate and retail sectors. With a strong presence in a majority of the states in the country, their clients include multinational companies, SMEs and individuals.

·         Market Capitalization: Rs 12,934.20 cr
·         Share Value at BSE: Rs 73.75
·         Share Value at NSE: Rs 73.75 (as of May 26, 2016)
·         Net Profit: Rs 261.63 cr

5.      Aditya Birla Nuvo: This giant business conglomerate provides among the best financial services in India. The organisation is divided into various services, including finance, which comprises several categories like asset management, insurance, capital market, etc. They have a strong foothold in India and aim to provide the best investment options to customers.

·         Market Capitalization: Rs. 13,543.18 cr
·         Share value at BSE: Rs 1040
·         Share value at NSE: Rs 1035.90 (as of May 26, 2016)
·         Net Profit: Rs 527.69 cr (as of March 2015)

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