Friday, 6 January 2017

A virtual wallet that does everything for you!

The world has become much smaller due to the presence of the Internet in our lives. The digital medium has brought spontaneity, ease of operations and reduction in time and effort in our lives. What would take days or hours previously – paying bills, communicating with far-flung corners of the world and even banking – is now reduced to a matter of minutes. You just need to log on to the Internet on your laptop or pick up your smartphone. Whatever task you need to complete, you can do it in minutes without even shifting in your seat.

It is this ease of operations that has made us all highly demanding customers. We want instant feedback, instant redressal to our problems and immediate solutions. If businesses tell us to wait or keep redirecting our calls all over their customer care centre, they lose us as customers. Rapid turnaround time and cutting edge products and services decide the fate of businesses today.

The same applies to banking. It is not enough for banks to have an Internet presence; they must present customers with innovative solutions and complete security. Their banking solutions must be customised to suit the mobile UI. Of all the banks in India, DBS Bank scores on these points much more than the rest.

Not only is DBS’s Digibank mobile banking app easy and seamlessly integrated with the bank’s various products and functionalities, it offers a slew of exciting features for daily banking needs. For starters, it is the only app to offer 7% interest rates on savings deposits, applicable from the first Rupee of deposit. Next, it offers 24/7 AI-powered virtual assistance at the press of a button. Third, it is a new age mobile wallet that can be opened in just 90 seconds – once operational, you can use it to shop online, book travel and movie tickets, and get a host of cashback and discount offers all month.

All you need to do to enjoy the Digibank advantage is to convert your account to a digiSavings one. You start receiving 7% interest rate on your savings, and there is no minimum account balance stipulation. Plus, there are no maintenance fees charged on the account and you can withdraw money from any ATM in the country any number of times, for free!

Also, your Digibank mobile wallet helps you shop at over 1,00,000 online merchants and win attractive discounts and cashback in return. So you can buy movie tickets, book travel, shop and enjoy a host of experiences while also being rewarded for doing so.

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